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Mar 14 11

Donations for Red Cross – Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

by admin

The link below to my Crowd Rise Page:

Just a quick post for anyone wanting to donate towards the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami.  I’ve set up a Crowd Rise donation portal with payments going direct to American Red Cross. It’s fast, easy and anonymous! Since I won’t be participating in any of the in-world events, perhaps some of you are strapped for time etc also and would like to make a speedy donation.

For more info on Crowd Rise looky here!

<3 Truth

Sep 27 10

We did it!

by admin

Click picture for larger view

Sep 22 10

Project Donate- Thank you

by sophia

Project Donate is proud to announce that $11,247.62 has been raised to help aid the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis.

You helped us give hope.

What started out as a simple idea, put together in days, a call for creators, bloggers and anyone willing to help…one little idea – one little seed planted WILL and HAS made all the difference.

I don’t know if saying thank you to all the designers, organizers, bloggers, and all of you who went and donated either by purchasing something or just dropping money in a kiosk…is enough. The endless IMs from so many across the grid saying thank you, and seeing the community believe in us….huge. Bigger than huge. I wish I could find the words to express just how grateful we are. Instead I will simply just say it again; Thank You. This would never have happened without all of you.

See you all at the next Project Donate charity event.

We want to create hope for the person … we must give hope, always hope.

Sep 19 10

Project Donate – Final few hours

by sophia

Project Donate is in the final few hours, the sim will close at midnight SLT…but it is not too late to join us in helping to  give hope.

Project Donate, People Helping People.

We will return to update the blog post with final totals once we have them and again, our sincere thank you.

None of this could have happened without all of you.

Sep 18 10

Project Donate – Pakistan Relief Music Fest!

by sophia

* * PAKISTAN FLOOD CRISIS FUNDRAISER, September 17th – 19th * *

proudly brought to you by
Inspire Space Park

Pakistan Flood Crisis: With around a fifth of the country under flood waters Pakistan faces one of the world’s greatest natural disasters. Over 4 MILLION people are homeless and 8 MILLION require urgent medical help and assistance. Pakistan can’t do it alone – they need OUR help!

Top music artists, amazing particle performers and DJ’s will be joining us at the spectacular Inspire Space Park where you can dance amongst the stars – an exciting number of events which will benefit Project Donate’s fundraising for UNICEF . This event will help avatars come together to do something…to raise hope.   We need you all to come and help us fight to saves lives.


4pm SLT -                Edward Kyomoon – another hugely popular live musician
Playing both acoustic and electric guitar, Ed produces many of his own backing tracks covering the music of Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Blue October,   Snow Patrol as well as original SL inspired music.  Join us to rock with Ed!

***  SUNDAY 19th of SEPTEMBER  ***

4pm – 6pm SLT -     Nuvolino Roffo – DJ.
Nuvo is an Australian electronic musician who performs live his fully original
Trance / electronica / ambient compositions. A real treat to experience.

6 – 7.30pm SLT -     Grafx Newbold and InterfaceD Dreamscape – DJ & Particle Show
Grafx, Inspire’s Master of sounds, possesses an amazing ability to make us                                      all feel through the songs he carefully selects for each and every particle                                              show he DJ’s for.    This one will be no exception, combined with the Particle                                         Wizard, InterfaceD Dreamscape, they have a specially built and                                                               choreographed show for our viewing and listening experience.

8pm SLT -                  JoeSatriani Feden – Instrumental Guitarist
Joe is well known for his mix of Blues, Rock ballads and 80′s style rock                                                 guitar licks which he performs with great style and emotion.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:    Inspire Space Park for the use of their beautiful performance spaces

Truth Hawks for putting together Project Donate & supporting us

Our wonderful artists & performers for their time & skills

Xtream for sponsoring the music stream for this weekend


Event:            Pakistan Flood Crisis fundraiser for Unicef

What:            Live musicians, DJs and Particle Shows at the stunning Inspire Space Park

Dates:           Friday September 17th to Sunday September 19th, 2010

Location:      Inspire Space Park – performance areas (or as specified above)

or if full : Please visit

Contact:       Ember Farina or Sharni Azalee – Inspire Space Park liaisons

Background Information:

Projct Donate website: 
UNICEF official website: